Relocating To Las Vegas with Kids? Here's What You Need to Know

Is Las Vegas a family-friendly city? Here's what you'll desire to understand prior to moving here with a young household.

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If you're considering moving to Las Vegas with kids, there are plenty of questions that are likely afflicting your mind. Where are the finest areas in Las Vegas? We surveyed Las Vegas residents to collect pointers on moving to Vegas with kids.

The finest areas for families

Schools and childcare


Kid-friendly activities

Here are a few tips to help your family settle into a brand-new community in addition to some concepts to assist your kids make brand-new social connections.

Finest Areas for Households in Las Vegas

Relocating To Las Vegas with Children - Summerlin Shops - Excellent Areas

In our study, the locals' overwhelming choices for the very best neighborhoods for families were Green Valley and Summerlin. It is of no surprise as each of those master-planned communities incorporates public spaces along with community building activities to welcome new families and current residents alike.

Both Summerlin and Green Valley offer abundant home entertainment and household activity choices that are not directly related to the gaming industry. Youth Sports alternatives are numerous around the valley with youth football, soccer, and hockey bring in a big number of kids in the Summerlin area.

Find out more about these neighborhoods in our Las Vegas neighborhoods guide.


Nevada normally ranks near the bottom for education on a nationwide scale with both U. S. News and World Report and Education Week. Finding a good school for your children will depend upon the area that you select.

It is a great idea to see what your options are as there are some gems even in what seems a miserable landscape. The Clark County School District has a zoning search function on their site that will help you find the school in your desired area. You can then utilize the site to assist narrow down your choices. You can also examine for the district and school information from the Nevada Department of Education.

Here are the Top 5 Schools Inning Accordance With Our Residents Survey

1. Bishop Gorman High School

The facilities at Bishop Gorman High School are the very best in Las Vegas. While the school is ranked rather high in our study, this Catholic Independent school located in Summerlin comes with its share of detractors. Typical problems vary from the school being too fixated its football and athletic programs to rampant illegal habits due to the cash offered to the students. As with any personal school, there is a predisposition against those that can afford to send their children to much better schools, so those grievances should be looked at with objectivity.

2. Green Valley High School

The school community as a whole is why you would choose Green Valley High School. This location of Las Vegas has above typical elementary and middle schools along with a population that is rather more participated in the academics of their children.

Green Valley is a public school and is often described as the very best public high school in Las Vegas. Due to the fact that of its high graduation rates and varied student population, that's. As with any school, the constraints of the programs come from the feeder schools in the community.

3. Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

This public Magnet school ranks amongst the best in every category in the state of Nevada. For trainees interested in the arts, the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts the finest choice in Las Vegas.

4. Coronado High School

This is a large public school on the south side of the Las Vegas valley. The area is among the better areas in Las Vegas and the school delights in a more upscale population. A significant variety of Coronado High School students are on the college track with a a great deal participating in UNLV. Some regional complaints vary from limited accommodations for low performing trainees to administration not dealing with bullying and potential gang activity. This school ranks extremely among schools in Nevada per the U.S. News and World Report.

5. Advanced Technologies Academy (A-Tech).

A-Tech is ranked as the number one school in Nevada by U.S. News and has a nationwide ranking of 287. Students who attend this school have actually selected to adhere to more rigorous requirements and are excelling in the subject locations of mathematics and science.

Considering child care as you plan your move?

Transferring to a new city can bring the included stress of finding childcare, especially if you have actually left a city where you had friends and family. Like any other city in the United States, Las Vegas has choices when it pertains to childcare.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the big employers in Las Vegas, specifically those in the tourist sector, often provide a childcare alternative. While these benefits are not in abundance, they deserve looking into when thinking about childcare through your company.

The local YMCA typically provides after-school care and the Clark County Safekey program addresses childcare for kids in K-5 at 84 Clark County Schools. Other options are private community and leisure centers in the community you pick to relocate to.

More Child Care Resources in Las Vegas:.

Las Vegas YMCA.

Creative Kids Finding Out Centers.


Kids 'R' Kids.

Is it safe raising a household in Las Vegas?

Our survey participants say "yes," however there are always actions you can take to make certain of your family's security. Here are some ideas for security precautions to take after relocating to Las Vegas with kids.

Register the Children in Swim Lessons.

Because of the weather condition, one major concern for Las Vegas homeowners is pool security. For this reason, swimming lessons are very important as your kids will be exposed to swimming pools in the Las Vegas Valley.

Locate the Urgent Care Nearest to Your New Home.

Kids will have you racing to immediate care. Care Now Urgent Care facilities are situated throughout the Valley and they manage those minor emergency situations that may not be deserving of an emergency situation room however do require medical attention.

Discover Places Your Teenager Will Enjoy Hanging Out.

Teenagers will require diversions in Las Vegas. The challenge is keeping them safe and in spaces that deal with teens rather than adults. Shopping districts such as Town Square and Downtown Summerlin offer multi-screen theatres, games and dining options that are not nearby to a gambling establishment and are typically thought about safe. Teen curfews are 10 pm weeknights and midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Where to Discover Family-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has over 100 parks to select from with whatever from splash pads to skateboard parks to disc golf and dog parks. Oh yes, they likewise have the standard fields for soccer and baseball, and courts for volley ball, tennis and basketball.

Some of the very best parks include Sunset Regional Park which includes 324 acres of outdoor fun, Glacial epoch Fossils State Park located nearby to Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monolith and Wetlands Park.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park is a great place for the whole family to cool off and challenge their inner adrenaline addict. The Spring Preserve is best for the family aiming to find out a little something about their new city while engaging with the desert environment. The Discovery Kid's Museum is perfect for the more youthful kids who are captivated by the natural world.

Youth Sports.

If you consider the health benefits of athletic activity along with the ability to fraternize your peers, you can see why finding youth sports for your kid in your brand-new city would be beneficial. click here now Las Vegas has the environment to support year-round sports activities for kids and the alternatives abound.

While the NHL has just recently relocated to Las Vegas, the local hockey community has actually been here for a while as the Nevada Storm has long been the home of youth hockey. The Vegas Golden Knights have actually now assisted rebrand the organization and produced an even bigger travel hockey neighborhood.

AYSO Soccer has a prominent role in Las Vegas with 2 areas serving the valley. Region 1258 plays out of the Summerlin location and Area 1315 plays on the south side of town with some games in Summerlin depending upon the number of teams the regions field.

Youth flag and deal with football is likewise available and there a number of leagues offered for pre-high school-aged kids around the valley.

Soon you will be racing the kids to practice, dance lessons and play dates all over the Las Vegas area simply as you would in any area. Be sure to make the most of the a great deal of leisure and recreation center run by the Clark County Parks and Recreation department.

You may have never ever seen the child-friendly side of the City of Las Vegas in the past, but the resources abound and the choices are differed. As for education, choosing the best school through open registration makes a substantial difference in the quality of education that your child will get.

Making the huge relocate to Las Vegas comes with packing your bags, however the mental luggage will have to be dealt with when packages are empty and the cabinets are filled. Take the time to select the best area and discover activities for your kids. It'll make fast work of settling into your new home.

We surveyed Las Vegas residents to collect pointers on moving to Vegas with kids. The facilities at Bishop Gorman High School are the best in Las Vegas. Green Valley is a public school and is frequently referred to as the finest public high school in Las Vegas. For trainees interested in the arts, the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts the finest option in Las Vegas. The neighborhood is among the much better areas in Las Vegas and the school takes pleasure in a more affluent population.

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